Beyond of press ads.

Far beyond magazine ads
Anything to everywhere, except to press media.
Para promover o Smart For Two, seria realizada uma ação onde um ator procura pelo seu Smart apertando o alarme e ouvindo o som, mas sem obter sucesso. O conceito seria impresso na roupa do ator.

To promote Smartfortwo, a person seeks your (fake) Smart in a mall, pushing the car alarm control, and listening to the sound beep, but without finding it. The actor was wearing a blazer with the the phrase "Where I left my Smart?"
When the client asked for a bar tab, a fake tab was given by the waiter, with hospital costs, who had an accident driving drunk. It was very expensive.
To promote a Rock Station FM, false microphones were placed in carts rollercoaster.
Lettering: You can scream. Our listeners love.
Transparent stickers to glue the windows of airplanes.

Newsstand caged to remember about the day of press freedom worldwide.
Detail lettering: All information is available with a free press.
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